Sugar Cookies for Christmas 2013

Sugar Cookies for Christmas 2013

I also made some sugar cookies this year, including a leg lamp from “A Christmas Story.” This cutter is available here. It has the cookie details on the inside of cutter. This only works if your dough is rolled out to about 1/2-inch thick (the height of the cutter) though. Mine was not, so I went back in and added fishnet details with a fork.

Baking Up My First Book

Baking Up My First Book

I have a book now: The Sea Islands Dining Guide. Click here for a link to it.

Carrots and Umbrellas

Carrots and Umbrellas

Decorated with orange-dyed, turquoise blue dyed, and pale green dyed Godiva white chocolate, dyed black semi-sweet chocolate, homemade chocolate frosting, and green sprinkles.

The umbrellas were meant to match like a “mother and daughter” set.
Unfortunately the larger umbrella broke before I could take the big photo of all the decorated kookys in one shot. I think next time I will make chocolate umbrellas and glaze the backside with chocolate for extra strength.