Five Reasons To Own a Kooky Sheet, for Non-Kooky Reasons

There are multiple reasons that you should own a kooky sheet that don’t involve kookys. Here are five, but expect more to come. For each one, it is advisable to wrap the kooky sheet in foil for the easiest cleanup. As an added bonus, the foil is recyclable.

1. Roasting garlic whole for use on pizzas or in garlic mashed potatoes. Place full bulbs of garlic with their tops sliced off, with cloves exposed, onto the foil. Bake for 30 minutes at 400 degrees F.

2. Curing meats in the fridge that are covered in herbs, paste, and non-runny seasonings, or a dry marinade. Cover the kooky sheet in foil, wrap the meat in plastic wrap to hold in moisture to keep it from getting dried out.

3. Roasting vegetables. Drizzled with olive oil and seasoning of your choice, the taste of less- appealing vegetables like broccoli or Brussels sprouts are given a makeover. You would typically bake these vegetable for about 40 minutes at 400 degrees F. If you are not a vegetarian, bacon and it runoff can be drizzled over the vegetables before roasting; if you are vegetarian, a garlic and herb dressing can be drizzled on top, instead.

4. Baking homemade flatbread pizza, using homemade bread, storebought pita , or naan breads. The toppings are all up to you.

5. Slicing bread or desserts. If you don’t have a clean cutting board handy, a kooky sheet can be used for a flat surface to slice bread, brownies, baklava, or any food, with a manual (as in non-electric) knife.