Stamp Kookys, image 3: Michael Osborne’s “I Heart You” Conversation Hearts, 2004

This cookie is an homage to Michael Osborne’s “I Heart You” Conversation Heart design, it was the LOVE stamp for 2004. Osborne also created a LOVE stamp for 2002.


Stamp Kookys, fifth image: Flesher’s “Love Bouquet”, 2005

This cookie is an homage to Vivienne Flesher‘s “Love Bouquet”, the LOVE stamp for 2005. Flesher also designed a 2006 stamp recognizing the Amber Alert.


Stamp Kookys, sixth and final image: Fili’s “Love and Ribbons”, 2012

This cookie is the last in the LOVE stamp Kooky series for now. It is this year’s “Love and Ribbons” by Louise Fili and it was issued earlier this month. Fili is a famous graphic designer who has penned 18 books, many with her fellow designer and husband, Steven Heller. If you go to a big chain bookstore or their website, Fili’s and Heller’s titles typically crowd the shelf and the virtual shelf.

This is the first stamp I saw that I couldn’t wait to see in Kooky form.