The Kooky things I’ve been up to, Spring always means change…

I had the opportunity to interview Ryan Eleuteri of Charleston Mix Bold n’ Spicy Bloody Mary Mix, and the interview is online here. This is the first of a series of local business articles for Eat This Charleston, and I’m pretty excited about it. Next will be a baking company, cooking supply company, an ice creamery, a creole food business, and cocktails. A lot of these people are transplants and they’ve enriched our local landscape in ways we hadn’t imagined.

In other news, we are in the process of moving to a nearby island next month. This is our first permanent residence, so I am pretty excited about it too. The packing, recycling, donating, scanning and shredding has been quite an effort and the simplest of objects can bring back a host of memories.

Originally what I planned to do with the BK blog in March has been shelved for the future. And what I am doing as March slips away and April arrives will appear in the next few days. But it was inspired by my own recent events rather than calendar events.

‘Sometimes you can celebrate, or ‘kookify’, things that are not typical party occasions