Avocados and Old Friends

The other week I was waiting in line behind a lady buying underripe Hass avocados. ‘You know–hard, green and inedible–because that’s what they had available. She asked the cashier what to do with them.

I waited a minute for the cashier to advise. When it was obvious she had no idea, I piped in like only an introvert would. I mentioned I knew someone who suggested putting those avocados in a paper bag with sliced apple, then crumpling up the bag and leaving it for a few hours, or up to a day.**After that time has passed, the avocados should be black, softer, and edible, like they’re supposed to be. Naturally, you don’t want to leave them for days because in warmer climates mold will arrive before you know it.

I learned this avocado trick from a fellow foodie and former coworker who actually wrote a cooking techniques book almost ten years ago. He went to the Culinary Institute of America, so he knows his stuff. His book can be found here.

**In drier climates you could probably leave them longer, but I am in a humid climate. Leave food alone too long in the dark invites mold and bugs. It is the same reason I can’t have a bread box–mold will eat the bread before anyone else does.