Where to Find Cutters

UPDATE: This post was originally published in January 2014. Since that time, I’ve discovered new sites for cutters and added those below.

While posting images of my holiday baking for 2013, I started thinking about cookie cutters.

It probably comes as no surprise that I have a pretty big collection of cookie cutters. The makers include WiltonFredCopper Gifts, R & M, Nordic Ware, and Fox Run.

Gingerbread men with “bites” in the head, or intentionally missing limbs are cute and funny surprise to find in a cookie gift box. Fred has taken gingerbread men to a whole ‘nother level–they have Ninjabread, Undead (zombie) men, and ABC (Already Been Chewed) men. Every year, they come out with new ideas; their catalog is really funny to peruse. They do not just make humorous kitchen gear.

Are you a collector, an avid baker, or both? Do you know a cutter collector or baker?

Then check these sources out:

  • Stores You Already Go To For Groceries, School Supplies, and Household Basics: Walmart and arts and crafts stores like MichaelsJoAnnAC Moore, and Hobby Lobby, are good places to pick up Wilton cutters and big jar sets of plastic cutters. World MarketDollar General, Publix, and Target also carry some plastic sets, especially in November and December. Target carries some Fred products too, especially in July and August for the college crowd. All of the above also allow you to do some shopping online, or if you must find a store they say so. Sandwich cutters can also double as cookie cutters; they typically are hanging in the aisles of grocery stores near the nut butters, jellies, and sliced breads.
  • Discount stores means serendipitous shopping encounters: You never know what you will find at Ross, Marshalls, Marshalls Home Goods, TJMaxx, Tuesday Morning, and Big Lots.  They have websites, but the websites don’t feature e-commerce functionality. They want to motivate shoppers to visit a local store. These sites typically don’t compete with stores by offering online shopping.
  • If you buy traditional printed paper Birthday and Anniversary Cards: Occasionally, Hallmark has an individual steel cutter in a gift box. I picked up a high heel a few years back. I have had my eye on a martini glass they have carried in the last year. [UPDATE 3/30/14: Got it!]
  • If all else fails: Amazon or Etsy. Etsy has a lot of 3D cutters of pop culture characters from the 1980s­–present. So if you are buying for a gamer, or someone born after 1960, check there. Also, Thinkgeek carries a lot of sci-fi, fantasy, and gamer-themed cutters.
  • Do you have a 3D printer? You can make your own cutters that way. Check out Etsy to see what other people have done.

If I make new discoveries in this area I will make followup posts to this one. In the meantime, Happy Baking and Happy Shopping!

Sugar Cookies for Christmas 2013

Sugar Cookies for Christmas 2013

I also made some sugar cookies this year, including a leg lamp from “A Christmas Story.” This cutter is available here. It has the cookie details on the inside of cutter. This only works if your dough is rolled out to about 1/2-inch thick (the height of the cutter) though. Mine was not, so I went back in and added fishnet details with a fork.