What is….a Bolillo?


A bolillo (boh-LEE-yoh) is a Mexican white bread roll. It’s dough is molded into an almond, or American football-like shapes. Two straight lines are cut into the top middle, paralleling the longer sides of the roll, then they are baked.

Like it’s French cousin the baguette (bag-ehtt), or American hoagie (hoh-ghee) rolls, the bolillo is a delicious and much firmer alternative to mass-produced American brand name sliced breads. American brand name sliced breads are too thin, too soft and get too soggy to hold wet contents, like seasoned meat, deli meat, vegetables, lots of condiments, or all of the above. The bolillo also has a firm crust that toasts nicely.

Another great Mexican bread for sandwiches or tortas, is the telera (tell-ehr-ah). It is round, and you could liken it to German kaiser (k-eye-zerr) roll, but much less expensive. The kaiser is distinguished by the whirlpool shape molded into the top of the bun, and a sprinkling of grain crumbs.


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