New House Kookys

“The Kooky things I’ve been up to, Spring always means change…”

In this previous blogpost about 3 months ago, I hinted you could celebrate things that aren’t typically celebrated with cookies. ‘Where was I going with that? A new house.

For some reason, you see Christmas ornaments that commemorate a new house purchase, but not baking supplies. ‘Come October, the gingerbread house kits at art and kitchen and art stores will abound. The rest of the year, they are hard to find. And they all look the same anyway.

And yet, every year thousands of people move. According to census bureau stats from 2010, there are 131,791,065 occupied housing units in the USA, and 51,277,394 people moved into one between 2005-2010. While it’s convenient to move during summer when the kids are out of school, not everyone has kids, and it’s possible to move any time of year. Movers and realtors wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ironically, one selling tactic used by real estate agents is providing freshly baked cookies. The smell of fresh-baked cookies, and serving those cookies, makes a house smell inviting more like home. If they don’t bake, the agent can get a “fresh baked cookies” scented room spray and go to town all over the house before their next walk-through starts. But I do think actual cookies are a better choice.

I set out to change this omission. Here are some photos of my new construction so far…


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