What is….colcannon?

Colcannon (pronounced “kawl-can-ohn”) is an Irish specialty that mixes 2 food staples together: mashed potatoes and kale or cabbage. Other ingredients can include leeks, onions, spring onions (aka green onions, scallions, and once they’re chopped–chives), milk, cream, butter, salt, and pepper. Colcannon is a side dish in Irish style pubs in the USA. In its native territories, it is served with Irish bacon or boiled ham.

Colcannon even has its own song, also called “Colcannon”. Irish folk artist Mary Black has a version on her 1999 “Song for Ireland” album.

Irish bacon, like Canadian bacon, is from the back rather than the belly of a pig. I will have to feature in a future post.

We Americans probably don’t think how close we get to colcannon when we order “smashed potatoes” at a restaurant with our steak or burgers. For those that don’t know, American restaurant style “smashed” potatoes are baked potatoes all mashed together with their typical toppings like cheddar cheese, yellow onions or chives, butter, bacon, salt, pepper, and sour cream. Mmm, delectable. The Pioneer Woman Cooks! blog did a demo here. Her cookbook arrives March 13, BTW.

What do vegans put on their potatoes? It’s another question, for another time.


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